April 8, 2021

Is CBG Oil Legal In Canada? Phytocannabinoid Laws Explained

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More and more cannabinoids are popping up in the news lately, and naturally, you may have some questions regarding legalities. Canada legalized marijuana and CBD on October 17, 2018, but where do all the other cannabinoids stand? Is CBG oil legal in Canada?

The past few years have seen the CBD industry grow massively, making its way into all sorts of products, including CBD oils, topicals, drinks, capsules, and edibles like gummies or candy. Now that we have extensive coverage on CBD, the attention is starting to shift towards the minor cannabinoids, like CBG and CBC.

Federal laws in Canada govern CBD the same as they do for cannabis, and while it may seem at first glance that it is cut and dried, it's not that simple. Many Canadians are under the impression that CBD oil is 100% legal here in Canada, but it stands in a grey area and depends on where you are getting it from.

What is CBG?

CBG (cannabigerol) is a cannabinoid that is present in the hemp plant. Over 100 different cannabinoids have been identified; we've only just begun to scratch the surface of what they are capable of.

CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids. What we know about CBG is that it is the precursor to all other cannabinoids; it starts as CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) and degrades into CBDA, THCA, and CBCA.

These acid forms of cannabinoids further break down into their active forms through decarboxylation (essentially the heating of the material); this results in CBD, THC, and CBC.

CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which means it will not get you high or produce any mind-altering effects. Because CBG starts with all of the other cannabinoids' potential, it's thought to have many positive implications for treating certain diseases and disorders, much in the way that CBD does.

Cannabigerol is just starting to hit the Canadian market and is available to buy as CBG Isolate, pure CBG oil, or mixed in as a blend with CBD oil.

Is CBG oil legal in Canada?

To determine whether or not CBG oil is legal in Canada, let's take a look at the laws surrounding CBD oil.

CBD is regulated in Canada under the same laws as recreational marijuana. As such, CBD is legal in Canada as long as it comes from a licenced provider.

When you purchase Full Spectrum CBD oil in Canada, you aren't just getting CBD in your bottle. You're also getting all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes that come with a Full Spectrum hemp extract. This includes CBG, CBN, CBC, and traces of THC. Legally in CBD extracts in Canada, the THC content can be no higher than 0.3% before requiring a prescription.

According to Canadian law, all phytocannabinoids are governed through the Cannabis Act in Canada; thus, CBG is regulated the same as CBD.

In a nutshell - CBG oil is legal in Canada, as it falls under the same category as CBD.

Are CBC and CBN legal in Canada? The legalities of phytocannabinoids in Canada.

Cannabinoids are compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. Cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) is primarily found in the central nervous system, and CB2 is mostly found peripherally.

Phytocannabinoids are plant-derived cannabinoids such as cannabichromene and cannabinol. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of different phytocannabinoids with an array of effects. They bind to either CB1 or CB2 receptors, which help regulate things like pain sensation, mood, memory retention, and more.

Cannabichromene and cannabinol are two types of phytocannabinoids that you may be interested in using for various purposes; these are also two cannabinoids that are just starting to become available in Canada along with CBG.

Phytocannabinoids are legal in Canada according to the Cannabis Act. The Cannabis Act is a law passed by the Parliament of Canada that legalized cannabis and hemp in 2018. According to this act, "the substance will be available for purchase by adults 18 years or older at regulated stores."

To ensure safety and compliance with regulations, the Canadian government has taken measures such as restricting the advertising of cannabis products—including phytocannabinoids.

is cbg oil legal in canada

Is CBG better than CBD?

Cannabinoids have been shown through research to have many different potential benefits for the body, both physically and mentally. Because CBD is directly synthesized from CBG, the two cannabinoids share many of the same traits.

Cannabigerol and cannabidiol are both cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. While they share many similarities, these two compounds differ in their effects on the human body.

CBG is a cannabinoid that can potentially provide relief for inflammation, pain, and anxiety disorders, while also reducing nausea. In contrast to cannabigerol, CBD serves as an anti-inflammatory agent and may reduce seizures or convulsions caused by epilepsy, reduce anxiety, and help lower stress levels.

To get the maximum benefits from cannabinoids, one needs to understand how the Entourage Effect works. This is the effect that takes place when all cannabinoids are used together rather than separately.

The effects of cannabinoids can change in the presence of other cannabinoids. In some cases, the effects are magnified; in others, they are reduced. Take CBD and THC, for example. When the two are used together, the CBD works to counteract the more negative aspects of THC, such as some of the psychoactive effects like paranoia.

CBD may also have a positive effect on the cancer-fighting ability of THC. Research shows that when they combined CBD with THC and applied it to cancer cells in a laboratory, the results were more effective at slowing the cancer cells' growth and killing them outright.

The Entourage Effect is seen at all levels when cannabinoids are combined. We can't definitively say that CBG is better than CBD because of this. The best way to get the most out of oils, whether it's CBD oil or CBG oil, is by using whole-plant extracts that contain all of the cannabinoids available in the hemp plant.

Final thoughts on the legal aspect of CBG oil in Canada

Is CBG oil legal in Canada? Yes, but it depends on where you get it from. Only licensed producers and manufacturers are allowed to sell these types of cannabinoid products on the Canadian market.

As of right now, there aren't a lot of sellers to choose from, as CBG is a relatively new cannabinoid that is just starting to become available. You can check out our post on where to buy CBG oil in Canada for more information.

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