October 26, 2021

Plant Of Life CBD Review – Affordable CBD Oil In Canada

Written by - Mallory Milne

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Plant Of Life CBD Review

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum & THC Free CBD in Canada


  • Full Spectrum & THC free
  • Wide range of products including CBD vapes & CBD sprays
  • Competitively priced
  • 1 tree planted for every order placed
  • Lab tested
  • Free shipping


  • No CBD gummies at the moment
  • Returns accepted on unopened product only

Plant of Life CBD Overview - a quick glance at the company

Plant of Life CBD is an established CBD company in Canada based out of Ontario that offers both Full Spectrum and THC free CBD products on site.

The company currently offers CBD oils, topical CBD products, CBD sprays, pet CBD, and CBD vapes. All products on site are non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty free.

With every order you place with Plant of Life, a tree is planted, courtesy of their partnership with One Tree Planted. 

All orders ship free within Canada, with shipping times approximately 2-5 days. Plant of Life CBD lab tests all of their Canadian made CBD products, with lab reports available on their website.

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In our Plant Of Life CBD review, we take a look at some of their most popular products and what they have to offer.

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a compound that comes from hemp. Hemp is technically classified as cannabis but contains only very small amounts of THC. For this reason, it's become extremely popular in the health industry thanks to its wide range of health benefits with no psychoactive effects.

Many CBD companies in Canada have sprung up over the past few years but not all of them have stood the test of time.

Plant of Life, has, and for good reason.

About Plant Of Life

Plant of Life is a thriving CBD company based in Ontario, Canada. They have a number of different CBD products on-site ranging from Full Spectrum and THC free CBD oils to topical CBD, even CBD vapes.

Their company mission and statement is one we here at CBD Handle can truly get behind - Trust, Sustainability and the power of plants as medicine.

Plant of Life Care is an organic CBD company that cares about its products and the health of its customers. They use only non-GMO products extracted from hemp from North American farms, and manufacture batches in a controlled facility in Canada.

When they produce a new batch, they send it to a third-party laboratory for testing for mould, pesticides and solvents. This ensures that each batch of hemp products is safe and reliable and ready for the consumer.

Plant of Life, with the help of One Tree Planted, is on a mission to bring more sustainable products to the market. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and increasing the number of trees in this world. And it's not just because they're environmentally conscious - they want you, their customers, to be inspired to be as well!

For every single order you place with Plant of Life CBD, they plant a tree. This is an amazing endeavour that places the company high on our list of the best CBD companies in Canada; if there's anything that this world needs, it's more trees.

Exploring the Plant of Life Site

Plant of Life CBD bundle

One thing is for sure - whatever you're looking for out of a CBD company here in Canada - they have it (minus gummies, but those are in the works!)

On their website you'll find a host of different information pertaining to any questions you may have about the company, about CBD in general, and a breakdown of what the individual CBD products are intended to target.

For example, in the Full Spectrum solutions category, you'll find a number of different CBD solutions - one for energy, another for focus, yet another more risque selection (a sensual CBD oil designed to spice things up a bit). 

While the company already has a great selection, many more products are currently in development, which you can view on site and are marked as coming soon.

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Here are the current active coupon codes and discounts for Plant of Life CBD:

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This coupon code does not expire, and can be used on every order you place with them.

Plant Of Life CBD Review

What we are reviewing here today from Plant of Life CBD is their Full Spectrum CBD oil, their Sleep CBD Solution, one of their topical CBD products, and one of their vape pens.

First impressions mean everything, and this company came out swinging.

From the time it took for my order to arrive (2 days) to the packaging, I could tell immediately that this wasn't "just another CBD company". The care they took into putting my package together and the information included with it is something that all other Canadian CBD companies should take note of.

Plant of Life CBD
Plant of Life CBD Bundle
Plant of Life Information Packet
Plant of Life CBD Information

Plant of Life Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 2000mg

Plant of Life Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • Full Spectrum
  • 2000mg in 2oz bottle
  • 33.5mg CBD per serving
  • MCT and hemp seed oil as carrier oils
  • Less then 0.3% THC

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What makes up Plant of Life's most popular CBD oil? Designed as a whole plant extract to deliver all the benefits of CBD, their Full Spectrum oil contains both MCT and hemp seed oil as the carrier, has less than 0.3% THC, and is made from non-GMO, organically grown hemp plants.

This light tasting golden oil packs a hearty punch of CBD in every serving (33.5mg), and while you can taste the classic hemp flavour, it doesn't leave behind a nasty aftertaste. 

I love the brand's approach to providing customers with a product that is not only pleasing to the eyes but the palette as well. If you've taken CBD oil for a while, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say there are good tasting oils and then there are...not. Plant of Life's oil is definitely in the former category.

Plant of Life hits all the right notes with this oil - I could feel it kick in right away, providing an overall sense of calm and relaxation right away that extended to pain relief after about 30 minutes.

With mg amounts ranging from 300-3000, there is an oil from the company that will be ideal for both mild health concerns and those with more serious conditions that require a bit more CBD in one go.

Plant of Life Full Spectrum Sleep Solution - 1200mg

Plant of Life full spectrum CBD sleep solution
  • Full Spectrum
  • 1200mg CBD in a 2oz bottle
  • 20mg CBD per serving
  • MCT, grape seed, and hemp seed oilas carrier oils 
  • 0.3% THC or less

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Plant of Life has a number of different CBD solutions or blends on site that are designed to target varying conditions; sleep, sensual, focus, energy, and calm. Each solution contains a number of ingredients that act to enhance the natural qualities of the CBD itself.

Their CBD sleep solution comes in a 1200mg, 2 oz bottle and is available in Full Spectrum only. Made with MCT, hemp seed, and grape seed oil, this CBD solution also contains melatonin and several essential oils as well, including Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Valerian.

When put together, all of this adds up to one peaceful night's sleep (at least that's what I was hoping for upon taking it!)

The oil tastes similar to their Full Spectrum CBD oil, but with more herbal undertones from the essential oils. I took this approximately 1 hour before I was set to go to sleep.

I've been taking CBD for over 3 years now, and the quality of sleep I've gotten from just regular CBD oil has been amazing, and this oil was no different. Upon taking it, it is easier to nod off, I stay asleep throughout the night with minimal tossing and turning, and feel rested when getting up in the morning.

The one downside (for me, at least), is that there is only one size available for this (1200mg). It would be great to see it in multiple size options.

Plant of Life Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Pain Stick

Plant of Life Broad Spectrum CBD Pain Stick
  • Broad Spectrum
  • No THC
  • 700mg per stick
  • Great scent
  • Non-greasy formula

15% off code - CBDHANDLE15

Plant of Life currently has one topical on site, their Broad Spectrum Organic CBD Heal Stick. Currently in development is their CBD cream, which after testing the stick out I am very much looking forward to.

Available in a Broad Spectrum formula only this pain stick comes in either 300mg or 700mg. Among the included ingredients are menthol crystals, hemp seed oil, Arrowroot, Arnica, Comfrey, Camphor,  and other essential oils.

Upon receiving my package from the company, I could faintly smell this product even before I opened the box. It has a great citrusy, mentholated herbal scent to it which I absolutely loved, however it is a bit strong once applied. I can see where some of the reviews stating it is overpowering come from, but the scent tends to dissipate quickly and shouldn't be an issue for most people.

I tested this product on my back, as it is an ever present source of discomfort for me due to an old injury. The topical stick rubs in nicely, doesn't leave a bunch of greasy residue, and the best part - works quickly to relieve tension and provide relief, especially when combined with their Full Spectrum oil.

Plant of Life Broad Spectrum Disposable CBD Vape Pen - 300mg

Plant of Life CBD vape pen
  • Broad Spectrum
  • THC free
  • 300mg per vape pen
  • Great variety of flavours

15% off code - CBDHANDLE15

When CBD vapes first came out I tried a few of them, and for the vast majority I was underwhelmed. They were scratchy, didn't taste very good, and made me cough. This is coming from a person who already vapes, I can't imagine someone who doesn't already vape trying to take a haul of of one.

Fortunately, the CBD vape industry has come a long way in the past couple of years, which is evident in Plant of Life's CBD vape pen. 

Each vape pen on site comes in a package of 2, with 300mg of CBD in each pen. They come in a wide variety of flavours, including grape, strawberry, mango, blueberry, watermelon, and peppermint. 

The design is nice and sleek, with the outer coating feeling slightly rubbery, which gives it a good grip. To use, you simply draw on the top, no button pushing required.

While I wasn't the hugest fan of the grape flavour (reminded me of the chewable grape Tylenol given as a child), the vape was very smooth hitting, no hint of scratchiness, and only made me cough once. To be fair, I took about 5 hits back to back on this, so that's not surprising.

Dosing with CBD vape pens is kind of difficult, because you don't know how much you are getting in one shot. Generally, you'll want to take 1-2 pulls off it and give it little bit to see how you feel (I took more as I am a seasoned CBD user, and I take a healthy dose of CBD each day).

I could feel the CBD hit almost immediately, which is typical for CBD vape products. If you are someone looking for instant relief, vaping is the best way to go. Even better is when you combine products, such as using an oil for long lasting relief, and a vape for immediate relief and as a "top up". 

All in all, it is a product I would order again (looking at you, strawberry!)

Final Review of Plant of Life

From company goals to product presentation to the dedication to make the world a better place through the planting of a tree with every order placed, Plant of Life CBD is clearly a company that is here to stay in Canada.

Their CBD products smelled and tasted great (vape pen excluded), and delivered exactly what you would expect from a quality CBD company - safe, effective products you would be happy to recommend, which I definitely am.

15% off code - CBDHANDLE15

About the author 

Mallory Milne

Mallory is a mom of two, as well as the main content writer and owner of CBD Handle. She has been a consumer advocate and CBD user since 2018, and strives to relay accurate, easy to understand information and to educate others on the health benefits of CBD.


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