CBD capsules are a favorite among many CBD users, simply for their ease of use. Like other CBD edible products, they are convenient, easy to dose, and can be discreetly taken with you on the go.

In this article, we'll go over what CBD capsules are, how they are used, and the best places to buy CBD capsules in Canada 2022.

Not all CBD brands are cut from the same cloth, so to speak. We've done the research to find out which ones are shown to work well with a variety of symptoms such as chronic pain relief, anxiety reduction and anti-inflammatory benefits.

CBD capsules, along with gummies, are great for CBD users that don't like the earthy, hempy taste of CBD oil itself.

Best CBD Capsules In Canada 2022

CBD Magic Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

cbd magic full spectrum cbd capsules in canada
  • Full Spectrum, THC free, or water soluble
  • 33.33mg of CBD per capsule
  • 600mg or 1000mg options
  • Vegan

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Stick around here long enough and you'll know we have a few different favorite brands for Canada, and CBD Magic is one of them. 

These CBD capsules from CBD Magic are vegan friendly, and come in a few different options - Full Spectrum, CBD Isolate, or Water Soluble. The carrier they use for their capsules is both MCT and hemp seed oil.

The Full Spectrum option comes in either 600mg or 1000mg bottles, with 20mg/33.33mg per capsule depending on what you choose. 

Shipping is free from CBD Magic across Canada.

Mellow Oil Purity CBD Gel Capsules

buymellow cbd capsules
  • THC free
  • Made with CBD Isolate
  • 800mg CBD per bottle
  • 25mg CBD per capsule
  • NOT vegan friendly
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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If you're looking for CBD caps with no THC, the capsules from BuyMellow are 100% THC free, and the perfect choice.

These capsules contain 25mg of pure CBD Isolate in every cap, and come with 800mg of CBD in the bottle. These gel capsules are made with gelatin, and are not vegan friendly.

If you're looking for a vegan option, they have a number of different options on site to choose from, including CBD capsules for sleep. 

Shipping is free over $120.

Island Therapeutics Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

island therapeutics full spectrum cbd capsules
  • Full Spectrum
  • 750mg of CBD per bottle
  • 25mg CBD per capsule
  • Vegan friendly
  • Money back guarantee

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These CBD capsules from Island Therapeutics come in Full Spectrum only, and are formulated with MCT oil.

The caps come with 750mg of CBD in every bottle, with 25mg of CBD in each capsule. The capsules are vegan friendly.

All of Island Therapeutics products are highly rated and sold in shops throughout Canada, and come with a money back guarantee.

Haute Health Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

haute health full spectrum cbd capsules
  • Full Spectrum and THC free 
  • 5mg-50mg per capsule
  • Multiple bottle sizes available
  • Vegan friendly

Haute Health has a ton of great products up for grabs, and they have some definite winners in this category.

Their CBD capsules come in either Full Spectrum or THC free made with Isolate, and come packed with CBD, up to 50mg. The gel caps are vegan.

Looking for a bit of kick to your capsules? They also have CBD capsules with THC, or just the THC capsules themselves.

Shipping from Haute Health is free over $75.

Resolve CBD Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

resolve cbd full spectrum cbd capsules
  • Full Spectrum
  • 400mg CBD per bottle
  • 20mg CBD per capsule
  • Vegan friendly
  • Free shipping over $75

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Resolve CBD's CBD capsules come in a 400mg bottle, which gives you 20mg of CBD per capsule.

The capsules are 100% vegan, and come in a Full Spectrum option only at this time. The carrier for the caps is organic coconut oil.

Resolve CBD ships free over $75 across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Capsules

Why take CBD capsules vs CBD oils or other methods?

CBD capsules are a convenient way to take CBD without actually having to taste the hemp. Capsules can be very discreet and look like any other over-the-counter supplement or vitamin; they also allow you to avoid the sugars in CBD gummies, for instance.

Everyone is different, so they react to CBD differently. Some people may have side effects and others might be just fine with it. It's also possible that some methods of ingestion will affect you more than other ones or vice versa - for example swallowing CBD oil could make your stomach feel a little queasy whereas taking a CBD capsule won't give you the same effect.

If you are just starting out with CBD or are switching to another method of ingestion, remember to take it slow and go with a low dose until you know how it affects you.

How to choose the right CBD capsules for you

The first thing you should consider when buying CBD capsules is dosage. Most people start small and work their way up until they find one that works for them, but there's no "one size fits all" formula with dosing. We always recommend starting at a low dose and gradually increasing until you find your "sweet spot".

Another thing to factor in when shopping for CBD capsules is any added ingredients. We've stuck to the basics here, but you'll find when you are searching around that there are formulas designed for sleep, added inflammatory benefits, etc. Keep that in mind when you make your selection; you won't want to choose a sleep formula for daytime use.

Research indicates that Full Spectrum extract is more effective than taking isolated compounds. The reason for this might be because isolates are made with only one cannabinoid while most Full Spectrum extracts have many different cannabinoids and terpenes in them which work together to create a synergistic effect on your body's receptors.

It can be hard to tell what will give you relief after just looking at prices or brand names. There are many different brands of CBD capsules on the market today - some high-quality enough to use every day while others more suited as occasional treatments. It really depends on your needs (and budget).

How we chose the CBD companies on the list

We have done the hard work for you by scouring reviews and looking at what people are saying about their CBD experiences. We've made a list of all our favorite brands, as they stand out from the crowd with other products and gained trust in customers' opinions so far.

All websites that we found were well-designed, and had reliable customer service. Each product is clearly labeled according to strength level (i.e., 250mg) plus any additional ingredients like flavorings or preservatives -- perfect for transparency seekers who want honest information before making an investment.

There are so many aspects of CBD that we just don't know about. It's important to understand the potency and purity in order to make informed decisions as consumers. 

A COA is a certificate of analysis that tests to see the levels of cannabinoids like CBD and THC, as well as showing if there are beneficial compounds or not, and should also also test for harmful chemicals such as pesticides or heavy metals. We've only selected products from companies that have thorough testing on their products.

Who has the best CBD capsules in Canada?

There is no one best brand of CBD capsules. All of the Canadian CBD brands here are highly rated and reviewed by people just like you, and we go the extra mile to test these  products out ourselves before recommending them.

Are CBD capsules better than CBD oil?

CBD capsules are one of the most convenient ways to take CBD, are discreet, and you don't have to mess around with droppers and potential leaks with using them.

They are also great for people who can't stomach the taste of the CBD oil itself. That being said, they do have a lower bio-availability rate than sublingual oils, which is the rate that your body absorbs and uses the CBD you take in.

How long do CBD capsules take to work?

CBD capsules and other edibles, such as gummies, take longer than sublingual CBD oils or vape products to kick in, simply for the fact that it has to be digested first.

Capsules can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully feel the effects from.

Are CBD capsules legal in Canada?

Yes, CBD capsules are legal in Canada. CBD remains classified by the government the same as recreational cannabis, which was legalized in Canada in 2018.

How do I use CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are extremely easy to use. Take the capsules with water and swallow them. It is also recommended to eat a small snack which is high in fat alongside the capsules, as this helps to increase their bio-availability.

What is the proper dosage for CBD capsules?

Because we all have different health concerns, your dose may not be the same dose as anyone else. It's best to take the "low and slow" approach with CBD, and gradually increase your dose as you see fit.

Generally with CBD capsules, you'll start off at 1 capsule twice a day, and work up from there. The majority of capsules listed here are 20mg of CBD per capsule, so that means taking 40mg a day. You can read more about CBD and dosing here.

Will I get high from using CBD capsules?

No, you will not get high from using CBD capsules. The amount of THC in Full Spectrum CBD is extremely low, and not anywhere near the amount needed to cause a psychoactive effect.

Will I fail a drug test using CBD capsules?

Full Spectrum CBD contains minute traces of THC. It is possible to fail a drug test using CBD as the amount of THC in your system builds up over time in your fat stores.

If drug testing is a concern, a Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolate capsule would be your best option, both of which have non-detectable levels of THC in them. You can read more about CBD and drug testing here.

Can I use CBD capsules while pregnant?

CBD is still relatively new in terms of science and research, and there are not a lot of studies that have been published showing the safety of using CBD while pregnant. 

It is recommended to speak directly to your doctor first if you are considering using CBD while pregnant or nursing.

  • There is so much info to help you navigate the products and decide what the best option is for your needs. I am very interested in trying CBD to help me with sleep issues as well as for pain from arthritis.. so sick of taking pill after pill.. certainly can’t be healthy for my body.

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