Best CBD Oil For Dogs In Canada

Since the legalization of CBD here in Canada, CBD has taken off and become a common supplement in the homes of many Canadians - not only for themselves, but their four legged friends as well.

While ever popular, it's just as important to make sure you're getting quality, safe CBD oil for them as it is for you. When looking for the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada there are many options, and it's not always wise to go with the cheapest.

Pet CBD comes in a few different forms, from CBD oils to pet CBD treats, and is available in high or low mg amounts. Depending on how big or small your animal is, you'll want to choose accordingly.

Before we get into the best dog CBD in Canada, let's take a look at how CBD oil works in pets, and why you should consider it.

The Endocannabinoid System In Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids have a range of different health benefits for both humans and animals, from managing pain and inflammation, to easing anxiety, skin issues, and irritation. 

Cannabinoids work by entering the body and interacting with the Endocannabinoid System. The two most commonly studied cannabinoids are CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD doesn't have any psychoactive effects that come along with it, while THC does.

Much in the same way we have an Endocannabinoid System(ECS), so does almost every single other animal on the planet. This system runs all throughout their bodies and brains, and plays a key role in keeping our pets healthy and functioning at a high level.

the endocannabinoid system in dogs

When you give your dog CBD, it travels throughout the ECS and attaches to receptors found there, called CB1 and CB2.

The ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, or balance, in the body. Phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids), can be used to supplement the ECS for a wide range of different health issues in dogs, such as anxiety, aggression, pain and inflammation, immune function, and skin problems.

These cannabinoid receptors basically inform the cells on what type of response to elicit, and keep everything in check.

The physical and psychological effects of the interaction between CBD and the ECS has been the core of much research from scientists, with new therapeutic applications being discovered and put to use as more and more research emerges.

CBD Uses For Dogs

Dogs suffer from many of the same ailments as we humans do, and it can be disheartening at times watching your pet struggle. Whether it's eczema, joint pain or arthritis in an aging dog, or nervous behaviour from being seperated from you, CBD can help.

Below are some of the most common ways that CBD can be used for your pup.

CBD For Behavioral Issues & Anxiety In Dogs

Anxiety, nervousness, and stress can be very difficult things to deal with in an animal, is highly subjective and will vary on a case to case basis. 

Some things that can induce anxiety and stress in dogs are:

  • Being separated from you (separation anxiety)
  • Loud noises like fireworks or thunder
  • Environment changes (moving or introducing another animal or person into your household)
  • Visits to the vet
  • Travelling
  • Being crated for long periods of time

Dogs will display certain tendencies if they are stressed out or anxious, such as pacing, hiding, barking or whining, chewing, or excessive licking.

CBD can help chill your dog out during these stressful occasions, though it is important to try and distinguish exactly what is triggering your dog beforehand. 

Certain stressors like separation anxiety or introducing another animal into the home are going to require more intervention than just CBD alone, for instance. In these cases extra attention and care, and behavioural therapy may be required alongside the CBD oil.

CBD For Aggression In Dogs

Aggression in dogs can be both frightening and dangerous, and have many different causes. Dogs react to external and internal stimuli, and to treat it you need to be aware of what is causing it in the first place.

Dogs will naturally respond to what they perceive as a threat, such as another animal passing by when they are in the yard. Generally, once the threat passes, ie. the other animal is out of sight, they go back to normal and resume what they were doing.

This is a normal, healthy response that is naturally ingrained in them, but it doesn't always manifest this way. The problem occurs when this response becomes chronic, or irrational.

Genetics, trauma, pain, and anxiety all play into your dog's stress levels, and will determine how well or not your pet responds on a daily basis. 

Your dog may be anxious and reacting to being left alone all day, nervous around unfamiliar people in the home, or he may be suffering from joint pain that is making him miserable and lash out.

This study in particular (though performed with mice), is very promising, and details how aggression was reduced when CBD was introduced to the system. 

In almost any case, CBD can help to manage your dogs behaviour, but getting to the root cause of the aggression is key.

CBD For Pain In Dogs

CBD has been well documented so far for its ability to manage hard to treat pain and arthritis in dogs, and has anti-inflammatory properties that can be very beneficial to your dog if they are in pain.

As they age, dogs can come down with a number of different ailments that cause them discomfort and pain, whether it happens naturally or due to an injury.

Arthritis and joint pain are very common in older dogs, and CBD can help them to manage this and feel better, while promoting more mobility.

While certain breeds are more disposed to suffer from these ailments, any dog can experience them. Your pet only has so many ways in which they can communicate their pain to you, so be sure to monitor changes in their behaviour that may clue you in, such as:

  • Reluctance to get up and move around
  • Limping
  • Decreased activity and weight gain
  • Having accidents in the house due to not wanting to walk to their usual spot
  • Avoiding people or becoming aggressive
  • Decreased excitement and enthusiasm for normal activities they like
  • Restless sleep from not being able to get comfortable

Treating your dog's pain with CBD can provide a greater quality of life, both for them and you.

CBD For Skin Issues In Dogs

The ECS is located not only all throughout the interior of our dog's body, but the exterior as well.

CBD has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that can help with dry, itchy skin, eczema, rashes, bug bites, and hot spots.

Your dog's skin has a number of receptors that CBD interacts with, and applying CBD lotions and balms to the affected areas can help speed healing and relieve discomfort and itching through the healing process.

The Best CBD Oil For Dogs In Canada

Now that we've covered some of most common uses of CBD oil for dogs, let's check out what Canadian CBD companies have to offer for our pups.

We've broken it up into two categories - best oils as well as the best treats.

Best CBD Oils For Dogs In Canada

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