December 5, 2020

CBD Oil Not Working? 7 Common CBD Mistakes Everyone Makes

Written by - Mallory Milne

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By now you've likely heard about some of the things that CBD oil may be able to help with.You've done your research, got a good product(you think), been taking it for awhile and....


It can be pretty frustrating being the odd man out while everyone around you is reaping the benefits of CBD oil.

Rest assured, you're not the only one asking the question "Why is my CBD oil not working"?

Before you give up on it for good, let's take a look at a few reasons you might be having issues with it, and the top 7 mistakes that(nearly) everyone makes their first time around.

CBD Oil Not Working? Here's Why

Your CBD oil isn't from a reputable source

With so many companies that have jumped aboard the CBD train, there are those that are good, and then those that are not. CBD oil is showing up in gas stations, pharmacies, your local corner store, and it's absolutely everywhere online.

Unfortunately, none of this currently regulated by the FDA. What does this mean?

The CBD oil that you bought may not even contain any CBD at all.

This study that was done on a variety of CBD products showed that only a 3rd of them actually contained the proper amount of CBD in them that the company claimed.

Those aren't good odds.

Before you even think about buying any CBD product, you need to be doing some serious searching into each possible company that you're thinking of buying from.

Look for testing

3rd party independent testing and lab reports are an absolute must. This testing should be looking for any possible contaminants, pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals, along with the cannabinoid content of the product.

Without this information, you have absolutely no way of knowing what is in the product you are taking. Anyone can slap a label on a bottle and call it CBD in an unregulated industry, it's up to you to do the proper research before buying.

Read reviews 

Online reviews can give you a lot of insight on the effectiveness and quality of a product.

Before ordering, make sure you check out a few and make sure your company of choice lives up to the hype.

Choose a tried and true company

Hang around and research CBD for awhile and you'll start to see the same names popping up over and over again, and for good reason.

These companies have been around the block more than a few times, and their high user ratings and reviews speak for themselves.

Don't buy CBD on Amazon

A few places you definitely don't want to be getting your CBD from are Amazon, Groupon, or EBay(here's why!)

Always order directly from the company, or a trusted reseller like this one.

You haven't given it enough time

CBD isn't something that you can take once and magically be all better. It simply just does not work like that.

CBD takes some time to build up in the body, and unfortunately for some, this can take weeks before you even start to notice a difference. 

This can definitely be a little frustrating, not to mention pricey.

While some users report that they start feeling the effects of CBD right away, this isn't the case for everyone, and may be the reason why you feel it isn't helping.

Make sure that you've given it a fair shot before calling it quits.

You might need a different method of taking CBD

Another important aspect to CBD is bio-availability. This is the rate at which your body absorbs and uses the CBD you are taking in.

If the bio-availability rate of the method you are using is low, it might not be having the effects that you want it to.

There's multiple ways to take CBD, and the bio-availability rate varies widely between them.

Sublingual oils or tinctures - By far the most common, and the most popular. Bio-availability rate is up to 35%.

Vaping - Has one of the highest bio-availability rates, up to 56%.

Capsules/Gummies - Other things in this category would include CBD infused food products, CBD water etc. Bio-availability rate in this case can be up to 20%

Topicals - The skin hosts a ton of cannabinoid receptors, and CBD interacts with them when you apply it topically. 

It doesn't, however, have the ability to pass through your skin and enter your bloodstream.

Tons of users report CBD helping them with eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other skin issues, but the key to this is using CBD both internally AND externally.

Topicals are at the bottom of the list when it comes to the bio-availability of CBD.

Transdermal Patches - To tag on to topicals, this method involves placing a CBD patch on your skin. They have the abiliity to permeate the skin, and enter the bloodstream

Because this method is completely bypassing the digestive system, the bio-availability rate is much higher than other topical methods.

You're not taking enough

While the general consensus with CBD is to start low and gradually work your way up to find the optimal dose that works for you personally, you may just not be taking enough.

Start out low, but don't be afraid to bump it up if you're not seeing results.

Some people need a lot more CBD than others. Things like body weight, health conditions, extreme pain, etc, all play a role into how well CBD will work for you.

Check out this dosage guide to get more information on how you  should be taking your CBD.

You're taking too much

Yeah I know, it sounds silly, especially after that last part about not taking enough CBD.

But there is really is too much of a good thing when it comes to this stuff.

This is known as the "bell curve" effect of CBD, which this study explains.

Simplified, its states that if you take too little, you won't see any results. Take just enough, and you'll see results. Take too much, and you're back to getting no results, only with this comes the added chance of experiencing any negative side effects.


So for about 20% of unlucky people who this applies to, their Endocannabinoid System produces more cannabinoids than normal.

This study shows how people with this genetic mutation may not experience much relief with taking CBD.

Unfortunately if this is you, there isn't a whole lot you can do about it.

And's just not the right option for everyone

Just like how every single medication isn't going to work for everyone, CBD is no different.

You can do everything right and still not see any results from it, and never even be able to pinpoint what the problem was. Probably not the news you wanted to hear, but fortunately this isn't the case with the majority of users.

Switching it up with dosing, or trying a new brand or delivery method just might do the trick.

Have questions? Leave a comment below!

About the author 

Mallory Milne

Mallory is a mom of two, as well as the main content writer and owner of CBD Handle. She has been a consumer advocate and CBD user since 2018, and strives to relay accurate, easy to understand information and to educate others on the health benefits of CBD.


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