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BuyMellow is a Canadian company based out of British Columbia that offers a wide range of both Full Spectrum and THC free products.

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As CBD consumers ourselves, we understand how important it is to know what exactly it is that we are putting in our bodies. We believe everyone has a right to better themselves with CBD, but may not have the know-how or ability to search out the most accurate information. We are cannabis enthusiasts who have dedicated our time and energy to further our knowledge of natural remedies that can better our lives.

46 thoughts on “BuyMellow CBD Giveaway”

  1. when do you think health canada will assign CBD oil a #, so it can be claimed on my employers medical plan….i realize they are quite busy now, but this should have been done long before this,…

    • Honestly not too sure on this one. Hopefully soon, and it would be nice to see them loosen up a bit on how strict they are with it.

  2. CBD has done wonders for my hubby and son. My husband suffers from sleep issues and son anxiety. We highly recommend.

  3. I’m looking for CBD products to help my Mom’s really bad arthritis. There are so many different products & just so hard to make a decision. Looking at your posts for info, thank you!?

  4. I would love to try any products that would help my chronic migraines, chronic pain due to my spinal disc disease and deterioration , really bad insomnia, depression, anxiety, having no family or friends where I live. Also I would love to make the candy and infuse all meals , snacks. As well as use butter(weed) in everything I bake or cook. Thank you for this chance to win , as well as the chance to be more comfortable in life