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***Update - Reviewed some new products and added them to the review February 2020***

Blue Plus Yellow Review

Blue Plus Yellow is a well-established premium online dispensary that's based out of British Columbia, Canada.

When I first came across them I had a hard time choosing which products to order, because there are so many to choose from.

What makes this company unique is the fact that it doesn't just sell one brand of CBD, but rather houses a bunch of different brands. Because it's a dispensary you can also order marijuana and other THC infused products.

Blue Plus Yellow...Your One Stop Shop For All Your CBD & THC Needs

blue plus yellow review

If you are up to date on the latest CBD news then you'll know about the current situation with Canada and CBD oil. CBD oil is only legal here in Canada if it comes from a licensed provider.

All across the nation right now there is a CBD shortage, and if that didn't make things difficult enough, a lot of the big names in the CBD industry are pulling out of Canada due to stricter border regulations.

This has forced me to look within the country since a few my favorite CBD oil companies have stopped shipping here for the time being. In hindsight, I am kind of glad in a sense, because I've found a few really good companies and the shipping time is WAY shorter.

The sheer variety that Blue Plus Yellow has to offer is very impressive. Whether you are looking for full spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD Isolate, Blue Plus Yellow has it. They also have all sorts of lotions, a wide variety of CBD edibles, vape products, patches, capsules, pet products, and more.

I love having a lot of options when it comes to CBD. I know some would disagree with me on that, and say it makes it too confusing to pick one, but it is a good thing. Just make sure you are up to speed on what to look for before you buy!

As well as their CBD options, they have a number of options for THC as well, and it doesn't just start and end with rolling a joint. Some of the different THC products for sale include lotions, tinctures, brownies and other edibles, shatter etc. This is just naming a few, you really have to check out their site to get a grasp on just how many products they have to offer.

For anyone looking to order THC tincture online in Canada, this is an awesome place to get it from(more on that in a bit!)