April 7, 2021

Pure Canna Organics CBD Review

Written by - Mallory Milne

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In this Pure Canna Organics CBD review we'll take a look at a company that's becoming increasingly more popular for 2 reasons. One is price, the other is quality.

Pure Canna Organics mission is to provide customers with an affordable product that works. As stated by them:

“If we do not trust giving it to our own families, then we will not sell it to our customers.”

Pure Canna Organics hemp originates from an FDA inspected and approved farm in Oregon, and the strain they use to create all of their products is one known as Lifter. For anyone unfamiliar with the different hemp strains, and which ones are some of the best, check out this post here.

All extracts come from the flower of the plant, and not from biomass(stalks, stems, leaves), and they use ethanol based extraction methods.

From there the extract is fully winterized and picked up for testing by C4 labs.

All tinctures that they produce are made with organic hemp seed oil, giving you the most benefit possible from the hemp, and staying as close to the whole plant as possible. Once the products have been fully manufactured they are once again sent off for testing by C4 labs.

Pure Canna Organics Products

The company offers a wide range of CBD products on site, all Full Spectrum.

CBD Tinctures - 3 flavors, 600-4800mg

Gummies - 20mg per gummy, sleep and regular formula, 30 per bottle

Slim Boost CBD Lipotropic Drops - 600mg

CBD Coffee - 1/4 lb - 150mg / 1 lb - 600mg

Pet CBD - 150-4800mg tincture, small and large dog treats

CBD Sleep Spray - 3 flavors, 300mg

Topical Skin Products - Cooling cream, gel, spray, or balm, various mg

Bath Bombs - 50mg per bomb

What to expect when placing an order with Pure Canna Organics

Pure Canna Organics ships to a number of countries, including the US, UK, and Canada. Check their site for the full list of countries that they deliver to. 

Orders are shipped out via USPS, with free domestic shipping in the US over $30. Priority shipping is $5.

Shipping on international orders is a flat rate of $15.

Expect your order in the US to arrive between 3-6 days, sooner for priority orders.

I'm in Canada and my order took 8 days to arrive, so plan accordingly for any orders being shipped outside of the US.

Pure Canna Organics Discounts

This is where the company really shines. The cost of CBD oil and other products has long been a sore spot among CBD users, but the market is starting to shift into a less expensive trend.

As prices continue to drop, we are going to start seeing major savings, and Pure Canna Organics is already there on that front.

All throughout the year they run buy one, get one free specials on their CBD tinctures, gummies, pet products, topicals, pretty much anything they have on site.

This adds up to a whole lot of money saved on our end.

Another great option they offer is their 30 day CBD trial pack, which is what I ordered and will be reviewing.

Included in the pack is a full size bottle of CBD oil in 600, 1200, or 2400mg, plus samples of some of their other products.

The price varies depending on the mg amount that you order, the 600mg pack starts at $30, making it incredibly affordable for anyone wanting to sample a few different products.

10% off coupon code - CBDHANDLE - This applies to regular price items only, not the BOGO deals or trial packs.

Overall thoughts on the company

I was very happy that I was able to receive the products from the company at all, there aren't many companies from the US that ship to Canada anymore so this was great.

The order shipped relatively quickly considering it was out of country, and everything arrived as expected. 

Even with the exchange rate this was still very affordable considering the price of CBD oil in Canada has not really budged at all, and is still pretty pricey.

The discounts that they have are great, and recommended for anyone on a budget.

Pure Canna Organics Review
Pure Canna Organics 30 Day Trial Pack
pure canna organics 30 day trial pack

I choose the 600mg 30 day trial pack, here's what was included with it:

Full size bottle of CBD oil - 600mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle, Vanilla Creme flavor(other flavor options are natural and mint)

Sample size cooling cream and gel - 1 of each

Sample size of CBD coffee

Sample size of both regular and sleep gummies - 20mg CBD per gummy, 2 of each formula

The 30 day trial pack cost $30.95, plus flat rate $15 for shipping to Canada, plus the exchange rate. If you're in the US shipping would be free over $30.

Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

pure canna organics full spectrum 600mg cbd tincture

I can't honestly say that I loved the flavor of this one. I generally order flavorless oils and tinctures because I like the natural taste of CBD oil, though I know lots would disagree with me here.

I wanted to branch out and try a different flavor and got the vanilla creme as I generally enjoy vanilla flavoring, but I think I'll just stick to what I know I like from now on.

I find any flavoring added to CBD oil just makes it taste artificial, and prefer the medicinal taste of the natural or unflavored oils by far.

Despite my somewhat aversion to the taste, the oil went to work quickly, and I could feel my anxiety start to dissipate and the tension in my back loosen up.

The company uses full plant extract infused into hemp seed oil, so expect this to taste very earthy.

Pure Canna Organics Gummies Review
pure canna organics gummy

I'll start with the regular gummy. The gummy is very soft and easy to chew, with a sugary coating on it.

It was fruity, sweet, and pretty tasty, with strong notes of the familiar hemp taste that comes along with Full Spectrum products.

My preferred method of taking CBD is by far the tinctures/oils, plus smoking or vaping CBD flower, but I love the gummies and other edibles for their ease of use.

The gummy has an impressive 20mg of CBD in it, and it worked well to relieve the aches and pains I had accumulated after a long shift on my feet at work.

I coupled this with a nice hot bath and was feeling pretty darn relaxed in no time.

pure canna organics cbd sleep gummy

The sleep gummy tasted much like the regular one. The difference between the two is the added melatonin in the sleep formula.

I haven't taken melatonin for quite some time and can't really remember what effects it had on me the last time I took it(at least 5 years ago), so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

What I got - a pretty fantastic nights sleep. I don't remember tossing or turning throughout the night and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

As a night owl who has worked closing shifts in restaurants for the past 15 years this was great, as I almost always stay up too late and pay for it in the morning by feeling groggy and out of sorts for half the day.

Pure Canna Organics Cooling Cream and Gel Review
pure canna organics topical cooling cream and gel

First off, these little jars were extremely cute! Absolutely love the way they were packaged.

There is enough in each to get a decent couple of applications out of them, of course that depends on the area that you're putting it on.

Both of them absorbed nicely into my skin, with no greasy residue left behind.

The cooling sensation was nice, and it was a treat to rub this into the muscles of my legs after working out and feel the relief there.

The cooling gel smelled very strongly of menthol, while the cream had more of just a straight medicinal smell to it. 

If I had to pick one I liked better over the other, I'd have to say it was the cream, which is available in cooling or non-cooling.

Pure Canna Organics Coffee Review
pure canna organics cbd coffee

This is the only one of the products that I got in the sample pack that I wasn't really sold on, but I only had the one cup to base my judgement on.

It tasted good, but I don't know if I seen enough of an improvement or reduction in anxiety/pain levels to say for sure that it was working.

Regardless, I got my morning coffee in at least!

Overall thoughts on the products

As a whole I really enjoyed everything that I got in the 30 day trial pack from Pure Canna Organics.

The two items in it that I would definitely reorder would be the tincture and the sleep gummies. 

I would recommend the 30 day trial pack for anyone who is just starting out with CBD and doesn't have a clear idea of what products they will like, or anyone who is wanting to try a couple things out.

With the pack starting out at $30.95, they make it more than affordable for people to do so.

10% off code - CBDHANDLE

Reviewed by Mallory Milne
CBD HANDLE Review Team

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Mallory Milne

Mallory is a mom of two, as well as the main content writer and owner of CBD Handle. She has been a consumer advocate and CBD user since 2018, and strives to relay accurate, easy to understand information and to educate others on the health benefits of CBD.


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