June 14, 2022

Joy Organics Reviews

Written by - Mallory Milne

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Joy Organics was founded in 2018. Based out of Colorado, they ship free within the United States.

All of the products from Joy Organics are Broad Spectrum and THC free. Joy stands behind their products with a 30 day money back guarantee, and they have an impressive range of products to choose from.

Started with one woman’s mission to find relief from pain and insomnia, Joy Organics has grown immensely since launch, and has opened three physical locations.

While their prices may be a touch higher than some other Broad Spectrum companies we’ve looked at, the quality of the products is fantastic, and the reviews from the web are very positive.

Joy Organics Products

CBD tinctures – All Broad Spectrum, their oils range from 250-1500mg, and have a few different options for carrier oils

CBD softgels – With options for regular, Curcumin, or Melatonin, these softgels come in 10-25mg.

CBD salve – Infused with essential oils and CBD, this salve comes in 1 or 2 oz jars, containing 500 or 1000mg.

CBD vape – Both 500mg, you can order just the cartridge, or the vape pen and cartridge in a set.

CBD pet – Available in a tincture or treats.

CBD gummies – At 20mg a piece, these are only available in a 15 pack.

Joy Organics Shipping Area/Return Policy

Joy ships within the United States, and shipping is always free. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products.

Price/Cost Per MG

Cost per mg goes as low as $0.09.

Joy Organics Coupon Code

Save 15% off by utilizing the coupon code below. This coupon does not expire and can be used on every order.

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Overall thoughts on the company

Joy may be a little higher priced than we’d like, but the quality of the products is definitely there, with the lab results to show it. The free shipping helps offset the cost as well, and if you use a coupon code it drops the price even futher.

They have a decent selection, and make it easy to try out their products risk free with their 30 day money back guarantee.

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About the author 

Mallory Milne

Mallory is a mom of two, as well as the main content writer and owner of CBD Handle. She has been a consumer advocate and CBD user since 2018, and strives to relay accurate, easy to understand information and to educate others on the health benefits of CBD.


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