June 14, 2022

How To Use CBD Oil Under Your Tongue (Sublingual Method)

Written by - Mallory Milne

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If you want to use CBD oil as a supplement, it's essential to know how to use CBD oil correctly.

Learning how to use CBD oil under your tongue can be especially helpful for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and insomnia, among others.

Why is this?

Because aside from vaping (which many don't want to consider), taking CBD oil sublingually is the fastest acting and most beneficial way to deliver CBD.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a concentrated extract of the cannabis plant and is most commonly derived from hemp. CBD oil consists of CBD extract and a carrier oil (usually MCT or hemp seed oil, though others can be used).

It contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)–the compound that produces psychoactive effects like feelings of euphoria.

CBD is a cannabinoid - one of many that can potentially be in your CBD oil. There are three main types of CBD oil available to buy - Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate.

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids. The reason this is beneficial, and why Full Spectrum is always recommended, is because of the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effect is when all of these compounds work together to produce more enhanced effects than any one single compound could achieve on its own.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum CBD has most of what is in Full Spectrum, but the THC has been removed.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is just CBD and nothing more. It is a highly refined white, crystalline powder that is 99.9% pure CBD. Not other cannabinoids or terpenes remain.

There are many other kinds of CBD oil available - CBD sleep formulas, CBD/CBG oil, oils to target energy levels, etc. But they will almost always fall into one of the three categories above.

What does sublingual mean?

Sublingual means underneath the tongue, as opposed to being swallowed. If you put drops of oil under your tongue and hold it there for a minute, they will absorb directly into your bloodstream.

This is the fastest way of absorbing CBD and therefore provides maximum benefits.

Why use CBD oil under your tongue (sublingually)

The sublingual route with CBD can be beneficial for pain, anxiety reduction, and insomnia relief.

CBD oil absorbs under the tongue through the blood vessels and sublingual glands found there, and directly enters the bloodstream this way. This is why the sublingual route with CBD can be especially helpful for those looking for fast relief.

Studies show that consuming CBD orally can take over an hour to start taking effect, whereas when you consume it sublingually, it rapidly absorbs into the bloodstream.

When you swallow CBD oil, it first passes through your esophagus and then enters the stomach. From there, it makes its way to the liver to be processed, and then finally, it enters your bloodstream.

This can lead to a lot of waste; you may think you're taking your full dose of CBD, but when it's been broken down by the digestive system, you're just taking a fraction of that dose.

The percentage of CBD oil left over that your body uses is what we call the bioavailability, which we'll get to a little further down.

How to use CBD oil under your tongue

While it may seem like this is as easy as just putting your CBD under your tongue, a bit more goes into it. Follow the steps to ensure you are doing it correctly; this will allow you to get the most out of your CBD.

Get your dosage measured out first

Decide how much CBD oil you want to take: You can start with as little as 2 drops or 10 mg if you are new to using CBD products. However, we recommend starting low and increasing by increments until you achieve relief.

Place the CBD oil under your tongue

Place the CBD oil underneath your tongue. If you find it challenging to know what you're doing, you can use a mirror to see until you are more comfortable.

You can use the dropper cap that the CBD oil came with. Hold the dropper near your mouth but not touching it.

Hold the CBD underneath your tongue for at least 30 seconds, up to two minutes

Place the drops underneath your tongue and hold for at least seconds (the longer, the better). The more time under your tongue, the greater the absorption will be.

Things to avoid when using the sublingual CBD method

Now that you have a clear idea of how to use CBD oil sublingually, there are a few things you need to avoid.

Avoid eating or drinking before and after using CBD oil sublingually

Sublingual CBD oil absorbs directly into the bloodstream, but it won't work as it is supposed to if diluted beforehand.

Don't eat or drink anything 15 minutes before or after using your CBD oil.

Don't put the CBD oil on top of your tongue

Under your tongue is where all the blood vessels and glands are.

If you put the drops on top of your tongue, you won't absorb as much CBD, and it will take longer for them to be absorbed.

Don't touch the dropper to your mouth

If you touch the dropper to your mouth, it can introduce bacteria, which will ultimately affect the shelf life of your CBD oil.

Don't swallow the CBD oil too soon

Swallowing your CBD oil too soon will result in less of it being absorbed. Sit tight, wait at least 30 seconds to 2 minutes (longer if you can manage it), and then swallow.

Don't choose intense flavours that may burn or sting

While flavours like cinnamon and peppermint might be tasty, it is best to avoid using oils with intense flavours that may burn or sting.

They might taste good, but the area underneath your tongue is very sensitive and may not hold up well to these types of flavouring.

Benefits of using CBD Oil sublingually

There are many different benefits to using CBD in this way. It's important to remember, though, that everyone is different and may have varying results.

  • Sublingual CBD application is fast-acting, it typically only takes about 10-15 minutes to start working
  • One of the most effective ways to take CBD oil
  • Higher bioavailability rate
  • Cost-effective

How does sublingual CBD compare to other methods of taking it?

Aside from vaping, sublingual CBD has the highest bioavailability rate out of all of the other methods of ingestion.

Bioavailability means how much of a dose reaches your bloodstream and is used by your body. This term is used when talking about medicines, supplements, or other substances that are taken orally.

The bioavailability rate is how quickly the substance moves into your body - how fast it starts being absorbed and how much ends up in your bloodstream.

The bioavailability of oral CBD oil depends on many factors: how you take it, the carrier oil, at what time of day you consume, where you put it in your mouth.

What is the most effective way to take CBD?

Aside from vaping CBD, sublingual CBD is the most effective method of ingestion. This is because it offers a bioavailability rate of up to 30%.

CBD is quickly absorbed when taken by inhalation (vaping or smoking), and it has a high bioavailability rate - roughly 50-60%. Many people are opposed to vaping though, so that's not always the best option.

CBD edibles (capsules and gummies) are popular, but they have a lower bioavailability rate, around 6-10%.

How much CBD should you use?

The best way to gauge your correct dose of CBD is by slowly increasing it over time as you get used to the compound.

Here are some important points when starting:

  • Take a small dose (5-10mg twice a day).
  • Wait at least 4 hours between doses. The effects of sublingual CBD can last up to 6 hours.
  • Pay attention to how CBD makes you feel. This way you can increase or decrease your dose as needed.

Because no one person is the same, with different health concerns, dosing is not one size fits all. Many factors play into it, including your body weight, metabolism, ingestion method, and more.

Final thoughts on using CBD oil sublingually

CBD has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years and can be used in many different ways.

While there are many benefits to using CBD, some methods of ingestion may not always be the most effective route for your body.

Sublingual CBD offers some great benefits that other methods do not. These include faster absorption rates, higher bioavailability rates (which means less waste), cost-effectiveness, and more!

How do you take your CBD? Let us know in the comments!

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Mallory Milne

Mallory is a mom of two, as well as the main content writer and owner of CBD Handle. She has been a consumer advocate and CBD user since 2018, and strives to relay accurate, easy to understand information and to educate others on the health benefits of CBD.


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