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 CBD Pure Review

CBD Pure is based out of Colorado, and is where their hemp is sourced from as well. They use certified organic-standards industrial hemp to make their products, which is a major factor when it comes to the purity of a product.

The hemp plant is a bio-accumulator, which means it has the ability to suck up any toxins, chemicals, or heavy metals from the ground that it is grown in. Organically grown hemp uses zero pesticides or other harmful chemicals during the growing stage, and it is extremely important that you choose a company that employs completely organic methods when it comes to their products.

In terms of purity and quality, this company has excellent standards, and they use the CO2 extraction method when it comes to their CBD. CO2 extraction is widely considered the safest and most environmentally friendly extraction method for CBD. It is also the most expensive. Companies that use this method(quite a few of them), also have products that will cost slightly more. The process is 100% solvent and chemical free, and by choosing a company that uses this method you can be sure that the product is of upmost purity.

CBD Pure only has a few products for sale unfortunately, CBD oil and CBD capsules. It would be awesome to see these guys expand their product range in the future. Don’t let the small range of their products get you down! In terms of quality and effectiveness, this is one company that is top-notch, and offers a money back guarantee that is above and beyond what you’re going to find ANYWHERE in the industry(more on this below)

Let’s take a look at their products.

CBD Pure Oil

The CBD oil from this company comes in three different strengths, and offer big discounts if you order more than one bottle at a time.

100 mg bottle

  • 1 month supply – $29.99
  • 3 month supply – $69.99 – works out to be $23.33 per bottle
  • 6 month supply – $124.99 – works out to be $20.83 per bottle

300 mg bottle

  • 1 month supply – $54.99
  • 3 month supply – $129.99 – works out to be $43.33 per bottle
  • 6 month supply – $219.99 – works out to be $36.67 per bottle

600 mg bottle

  • 1 month supply – $79.99
  • 3 month supply – $199.99 – works out to be $66.66 per bottle
  • 6 month supply – $339.99 – works out to be $56.67 per bottle

As you can see for yourself, when you buy in bigger quantities from CBD Pure, the savings can add up big time.

I ordered the 600mg oil to try out, and can definitely vouch for it in terms of pain and anxiety relief. The taste is similar to other unflavored oils on the market, having an earthy, slightly marijuana-ish flavor, but it isn’t as overwhelming as some I’ve tried. It also doesn’t leave a lingering aftertaste, which I’ve found to be more present with flavored oils.

As someone who suffers from eczema, I’ve been mixing my CBD oil into lotion and applying it to my skin topically as well as taking it orally. It mixes well with most lotions(I’ve tried it with several), and moisturizes well. For those who don’t know me, I developed eczema after having Essure put in and then surgically removed. CBD has been the one thing that has worked for my eczema, I can’t recommend it enough.

Being that my skin is in a really good state from previous continuous use of other CBD oil, I can’t say for sure about CBD Pure’s effectiveness for treating eczema, but I never experienced any irritation or flare-ups while I was using it, which is a great sign. With the quality and purity of their products, I would expect similar results to what I’ve experienced already with other CBD oils.

In terms of the pain and anxiety that I deal with, I’m happy to report that it was effective in both those areas.

I’m a big fan of sublingual oils because they start working very quickly, approximately 20 minutes after you take them. This oil didn’t disappoint in that aspect either, I could feel my back pain start to diminish right around that 20 minute mark, and was definitely feeling the anxiety relief. I am always a bit more nervous when trying out a different oil, because I know how effective a good oil can be, and how awful it feels when it doesn’t work. The science behind this is pretty cool to read about, if you want to learn more click here.

The only issue I have with this company is the fact that their oils only go up to 600mg. This would be a long term company for me if it wasn’t for that fact alone. I like to order higher mg stuff so it lasts longer and I don’t have to take as much at a time.

For anyone who’s happy staying at 600mg, this would be an ideal choice.

CBD Pure Capsules

I only ordered the CBD oil to try out, so I can’t personally speak to the effectiveness of the capsules, but if the CBD oil that I tried from them is any indication, this is also going to be a great product to try out.

CBD capsules are a great choice to go with if you have an aversion to the taste of a sublingual oil(some people really don’t like it, even the flavored kinds). They have a lower bioavailability rate, which is the rate and degree that your body absorbs CBD, and also impacts the amount of CBD you’re actually getting in your body. You can read more about CBD bioavailability here.

Capsules can also be good for the fact that you know exactly how much CBD you are getting in one serving, there is no guessing game when it comes to measuring out drops for a sublingual oil/

They only have one option for the strength of the capsules. It comes with 30 capsules, each at 25mg of CBD per, for a total of 750mg CBD in the bottle

  • 1 month supply – $99.99
  • 3 month supply – $249.99 – works out to be $83.33 per bottle
  • 6 month supply – $419.99 – works out to be $69.99 per bottle

These kinds of deals are unreal. If you go for the 6-month supply, you are saving $30 per bottle! There are a few companies that are offering really good bundle packages, and this one is very close to the top in how much you can save if you buy more at one time.

CBD products also stay fresh for a long time, anywhere from 12-24 months, depending on how you store them. It should always be kept in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight.

The Best Money Back Guarantee This Industry Has To Offer

Seriously, this is truly what sets this company apart from the rest. CBD Pure is so confident that their products will work for you, that they back it up with a no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, for ANY reason, you can return the product for a full refund within that 90 days.

3 months to use their CBD products. 3 months! There might be another company out there that has this kind of guarantee, but I haven’t found it yet. The majority of companies offer conditional return policies, which apply only to unopened, unused product, and generally come with a restocking fee.

You will be taking no chances when it comes to purchasing from this company, and they guarantee it.

Overall thoughts on CBD Pure

The quality, affordability, and outstanding money back guarantee all work to give this company a great rating from us, with only a few things to keep in mind.

The two downsides that CBD Pure has is its limited product range, which I’m hoping they will expand in the future, and the fact that their oils only go up to 600mg.

VISIT THEIR SITE TODAY AT – www.cbdpure.com

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