November 6, 2020

SuperTrees CBD Oil Review

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SuperTrees CBD Oil Review

supertrees cbd oil review

Full Spectrum & THC free CBD products


  • Full Spectrum & THC free
  • Extremely affordable
  • Great bundle deals
  • Additional herbal products on site
  • Wholesale


  • Smaller product line

Overview of SuperTrees CBD 

SuperTrees started out as a company that dealt only in trees, and offered services related to growing and maintaining them.

SuperTrees Botanicals was founded in 2017, and offers high quality CBD products in both Full Spectrum & THC free.

All of SuperTrees CBD products are very affordable, with their bundles offering great savings for consumers.

In addition to their CBD products and tree services, they also offer a number of herbal supplements.

Shipping is free on all US orders over $49.

In our SuperTrees CBD oil review we look a company that believes that it should be done right the first time. From seed to oil, their guarantee is that your wellness is their priority.

Since 2005, SuperTrees has been on a bigger mission to create products that customers will always look forward to using.

A plant-based, family owned company, SuperTrees is committed to the quality of their products and services. Their commitment to quality starts through the process of personally growing and extracting from the plants used in their products.

The company not only offers a variety of CBD products, they also have a tree nursery, offering a variety of trees like: maple trees, oak trees, and ornamental trees.

They offer CBD oils, CBD topicals, herbal supplements, and bundles. Prices range from $16-$95, and their CBD oils go up to 2000mg.

The prices on site are extremely affordable, and great for anyone on a budget.

SuperTrees has a quiz that allows customers to find products that match their needs. Taking the quiz saves you 15% off your order too!

The company believes in full transparency and so they have their 3rd party lab sheets available on their website.

SuperTrees CBD Products

SuperTrees offers a number of CBD products, herbal supplements, trees, and tree related services.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Available in natural flavor only, 500-2000mg.


THC Free CBD Isolate Oil - Same mg options as the Full Spectrum, flavorless oil.

CBD Balm - 500mg

Herbal Supplements - Celery seed, Herbal Diuretic, Herbal laxative, Dandelion Parsley, and Slippery Elm.

Trees - Incredible variety of different trees available, all grown with their patented air pruning technology.

What To Expect When Placing An Order

SuperTrees ships within the US and internationally.

All US orders over $49 include free shipping, and the company offers bulk and wholesale purchasing.


SuperTrees CBD Discounts

At the time of this review SuperTrees is giving away CBD products, limit of one per customer. Just visit the site to claim yours.

They have a CBD quiz on site you can take to figure out what is right for you, and offers a 15% discount once completed.

Signing up for their newsletter also nets you 15% off on your first order.

SuperTrees CBD Oil Review

supertrees cbd oil review

I had the pleasure of consuming their CBD oil tinctures in both Full Spectrum and THC free.

SuperTrees CBD Isolate Oil - 1000mg

supertrees cbd isolate oil 1000mg
  • CBD Isolate
  • THC free
  • MCT as carrier oil
  • 1000mg
  • Flavorless

I enjoyed the oil- flavorless, 1000 mg tincture, and 33 mg per serving.

 The tincture ingredients: organic coconut oil and CBD isolate. The oil is light in color with a slight taste of the plant.

I consumed full servings of this one in the mornings and it elevated my THC high really nice. It took a little while to feel- about 40 min. 

*Please note - The THC I consume is separate from this. This CBD oil does not contain any THC*

SuperTrees Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 1000mg

supertrees full spectrum cbd oil 1000 mg
  • Full Spectrum
  • 1000mg 
  • Natural flavor
  • MCT oil as carrier

I love full spectrum products because I love all cannabinoids. I want them all because they all serve the body in different ways.

This tincture is 1000 mg- though SuperTrees carries a 2000 mg option, which at under $100 is an incredible deal. 

SuperTrees Full Spectrum CBD oil is light in color with organic coconut oil and CO2 full-spectrum CBD Oil as the ingredients.

I consumed this one at night and blended with my last THC smoke of the night- the 2 sent me off into restful sleep. 

Overall thoughts on SuperTrees CBD 

I love that the company is all about plants and trees. As a fellow plant-based eater, I appreciate their efforts to heal through all thing’s nature.   

Their low prices and commitment to quality make them a solid choice for a CBD company, though it would be great to see them expand their product lineup.

I recommend!

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As CBD consumers ourselves, we understand how important it is to know what exactly it is that we are putting in our bodies.

We believe everyone has a right to better themselves with CBD, but may not have the know-how or ability to search out the most accurate information.

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