mallory milne

Mallory Milne

Owner/Content Writer

Mallory is from Canada and a mom of two, as well as the main content writer and owner of CBD Handle. She has been a consumer advocate for CBD since 2018.

With a passion for reading, writing, and research, she strives to relay accurate, easy to understand information, and to educate others on the health benefits of CBD.

veronica castillo

Veronica Castillo

Content Writer/Reviewer

Veronica Castillo is a Writer from Miami, with a background in insurance and human resources. Currently, she is a resident of the road on an exploration of all thing’s cannabis and hemp. 

Veronica’s mission is to educate, inform, and destigmatize because she believes in the power of love for all plant medicine.

You can find her work on Medium and in multiple industry publications. You can also follow her journey on Instagram.

As CBD consumers ourselves, we understand how important it is to know what exactly it is that we are putting in our bodies.

We believe everyone has a right to better themselves with CBD, but may not have the know-how or ability to search out the most accurate information.

We are cannabis enthusiasts who have dedicated our time and energy to further our knowledge of natural remedies that can better our lives.

Our Goals


Here at CBD Handle we are education focused.

With the amount of conflicting information available, we get the struggle of trying to sift through it all.

Our purpose is to lay it out in an easy to read, easy to understand format, and thus make it a little easier for you.


The CBD industry is changing rapidly.
Be it changing prices, exciting new products, or updated laws and regulations, we serve to inform consumers on everything that's happening right now.



We want to make this as simple as possible for you.

Through hours of extended research, we highlight only the best and most trusted CBD companies and products.

Reach out anytime if you need specific help finding a product that is right for you.

Our Mission

CBD Handle was formed with one thing in mind - accurate information that everyone can understand.

Our mission is to:

-Educate others based on accredited research from medical professionals and reputable people in the industry. So much of the information we come across and how it is laid out can be confusing for consumers, especially for beginners. We aim to relay this information in a easy to digest and understand format.

- Help people make smart, safe choices when it comes to their health. All companies should have third party testing done on their products, and have this information readily available on their website. 

- Stay realistic on what CBD can and can not do. It's not a cure, and we won't make any medical claims about it. It can help to maintain homeostasis (balance in the body), and can supplement you on your own personal health journey.

My Story

mallory milne

I first started hearing about CBD in early 2018, when I was looking online for ways to relieve the back and pelvic pain I was experiencing from a medical device I had implanted after the birth of our second child in 2014.

Having another baby at 30 wasn't the ideal way I had planned things, as our oldest was already eight years old at the time. I went to my doctor to discuss options after he was was born, which eventually lead me to getting Essure implanted.

Essure is a medical device used to permanently prevent pregnancy, and from the way it was presented by the doctor, seemed exactly what I was looking for. No invasive surgery required, it could be done right in the doctor's office, and no downtime whatsoever.

Little did I know, this would have dire consequences that I'm still dealing with today.

Not long after, I started experiencing intense pelvic pain, which aggravated the pain I'd already had from a back injury in my teens. I went back to the doctor and made plans to have it surgically removed in 2015.

Everything seemed fine for a bit, and then I slowly started experiencing the same pains again.

I started doing a lot of research on the device, and discovered that I was one of thousands upon thousands of women who were experiencing the same thing. 

Long story short, Essure has been pulled from the market, and lawsuits against Bayer are underway, with the first trials beginning this year, 2020.

Enter CBD

Back in 2018 CBD oil was still a new thing for a lot of people, and had yet to reach the levels that it has today. I came across a few posts from a girl I knew sharing information on CBD, and the possible benefits of it.

Not knowing anything about it, I placed an order through her, and my CBD arrived about a week later. 

I was told not to expect any real results from it at first, and that it would take some time for my body to get used to it. So I took some a few times a day, not really giving it too much thought other than to hope it would do something.

It was about a week later when I was making supper that I realized that I hadn't taken any pain medication that day. At this point in my life with the fallout from Essure I was taking Advil or Tylenol every single day multiple times a day.

For me, this was huge.

Over time as I kept using it, the pain I was experiencing decreased to the point where I might take actual pain medication once or twice a week. It also had a noticeable effect on my anxiety, which was awesome.

Don't get me wrong here. CBD didn't "cure" me, and if I stop taking it, the pain and anxiety creeps back in. But considering all of the other health benefits that come along with it, I'm more than willing to keep it up to be relatively pain free.

cbd research

*I get that not all MLM companies are like this. I'm not here to badmouth them, this is my own
personal experience*

My brief (but embarrassing), stint with an MLM CBD company

Back when I first started with CBD had no idea what an MLM company was and, as ashamed as I am to admit it now, I got roped into becoming a rep for the company that I originally ordered from.

I mean, it sounded great at first. I was living proof (to myself anyways) that CBD could help, and I was so excited to share this with other people that when I found out I could earn a little doing it, I was definitely on board.

All was well until I started to come across information elsewhere that conflicted with the information we were supposed to tell everyone if they were interested in buying CBD.

Not only was the information we were telling people wrong, but it could potentially cause someone their job if they weren't careful (see CBD oil and drug testing).

Once I realized just how wrong this was, I quit with the company and started doing my own research, which is how I originally came to start CBD Handle.

My goal when this first started was to provide only accurate information, and prevent the kind of misinformation that I was subjected to with the MLM company I signed on with.

Since then, it has grown bigger than I could ever have hoped for. 

Now For The Hard Part

Once I left the company and started really learning about the stuff that mattered, I began ordering CBD from other companies.

At this time in Canada there were hardly any options, so I was ordering from the USA. All fine and dandy until Canada cracked down on importing CBD oil from other countries.

This left me in quite a spot, as I had formed a great Facebook group that had a ton of members not only from Canada, but from the US as well. This presented a lot of issues, especially for reviewing products.

I started to put out some feelers and look for someone who would be a great fit for the site, and honestly review the products that I came across but was unable to access myself.

This is where Veronica Castillo comes in. Vee responded to my inquiries, and serves as the USA reviewer for CBD Handle. She is super knowledgeable and has been a fantastic resource, I'm super happy to have her.

cbd handle values

What We Believe In

Our core values are the same thing we look for in a CBD company

- Honesty
- Transparency
- Integrity
- Consumer Advocacy

We are passionate about helping people, and believe that everyone has a right to access safe, reliable CBD products from companies they can trust.

How To Contact US

Have a Question or need help?

Feel free to contact us anytime at

You can also get a hold of us by sending us a message through our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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