July 27, 2021

Where To Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms In Canada

Written by - Mallory Milne

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where to order psilocybin mushrooms in canada

Psilocybin mushrooms have been getting a lot of attention lately. 

Maybe you're interested in trying them for their reported  mental health benefits, or maybe you're just looking to have a little fun. 

Regardless of your reasons, we've done the legwork for you and highlighted the best shops for where to buy psilocybin mushrooms in Canada. 

Before you get too excited, read up on some important things to remember before buying magic mushrooms online in Canada.

Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, is something you need to be a little careful with.

Because of the nature of the drug, and the hallucinations that come with it, it's important to be in a safe place, with people you trust and are comfortable with. 

The safest way to go about obtaining psilocybin mushrooms in Canada would be to buy the spores and grow them yourself. This isn't the best option for a lot of people though, for a few reasons.

One, growing magic mushrooms at home, while seeming simple, is a bit complex. Besides trying to maintain an optimal environment for your shrooms to flourish in, you also need to be on the lookout for mold and other contaminants.

Another reason may be that you have people living in your household that wouldn't exactly approve of a mushroom grow-op.

This is where buying psilocybin mushrooms online comes in handy. 

Here's some rules to follow when you're deciding where to buy from.

Buy from trusted retailers only

There are a literal ton of shady people on the net selling psilocybin mushrooms in Canada. Before deciding on a company, make sure to take some time to read up on the company. 

How long they've been around, and the content on the website is a good indicator. Poorly designed sites with next to no information on them are not recommended to buy from.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews from real people who've ordered from the company you're considering can be very helpful.

Look for any indication that the company has scammed anyone, what their customer service is like if something goes wrong, and whether the products live up to the hype or not.


    Ask Questions

Great customer service is a huge benefit when ordering psilocybin mushrooms online.

Before ordering, get in contact with the company with any questions or concerns you may have. This is a great indicator of how responsive they are going to be if a problem arises with your order.

If the company takes days to respond to your inquiries, or doesn't respond at all, this is a good sign to look elsewhere.

We've taken the liberty of ordering from all of these companies before adding them on here to make sure they were legit.

Some of them are online dispensaries here in Canada that we've used for years, so we know they are more than trustworthy.

Where To Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms In Canada

Canada Shrooms

canada shrooms logo

10% off code - 10CANADASHROOMS

  • Great prices
  • Innovative products
  • Dried, gummies, liquid, capsules
  • E-transfer
  • Free shipping over $149

Canada Shrooms is one of our top picks for buying psilocybin mushrooms in Canada, and have a ton of great products on site, and some of the most innovative we've seen. 


They carry a wide range of dried psilocybin mushrooms, capsules, their flagship "psilocybin microdosing liquid", psilocybin gummies, and more.

Canada Shrooms ships throughout Canada, and offers free shipping on all orders over $149. Orders ship out via XpressPost, shipping times are generally 2-3 days.

The company currently accepts both Interac E-transfer and cryptocurrency as payment.

Spore Society

spore society logo

20% off first order - SPORE20

  • Great variety
  • Chocolates, capsules, tea bags
  • Free shipping over $150
  • E-transfer & credit card

Spore society has a great selection of dried psilocybin mushrooms for sale, and also offer a number of other products.

Looking for a sweet treat? Check out their collection of psilocybin chocolate bars and truffles. 

Spore Society ships XpressPost, free over $150, $20 flat rate for orders under that amount.

They also offer credit card as a form of payment, unlike a lot of the other companies that only offer E-transfer or crypto-currency.

Shipping time is generally 2-4 days, and a tracking number is included.

Haute Health

haute health canada dispensary

30% off code - hot30

  • Dried mushrooms & capsules
  • Free shipping
  • 1 gram to 1 oz
  • E-transfer

Haute Health is on our recommended dispensaries list, and has a couple options for psilocybin mushrooms in Canada.

While the selection is a bit limited, the quality of their psilocybin products is great, and you can't beat free shipping.

They offer 1 strain of dried shrooms, with order amounts from 1 gram to 1 oz. They also have a few different varieties of capsules up for grabs.

Orders ship out free, expedited through Canada Post. All orders over $200 ship out XpressPost.

West Coast Supply

west coast supply canada dispensary

25% off and a free gram - new users only, coupon auto applies at checkout

  • Good variety
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dried, capsules, gummies
  • E-transfer & credit card

Another popular dispensary in Canada, West Coast Supply has great prices on all of their magic mushrooms.

They offer many different strains, as well as capsules, gummies, and chocolate bars. Orders can be placed for dried shrooms anywhere from 1 gram to 1 oz.

Shipping is free over $200, XpressPost. Order time is typically 2-3 days depending on where you are in Canada, and they also offer credit card as a form of payment.

West Coast Supply has a number of different promos and deals happening at any given time, so check back often.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is the compound in them that causes hallucinogenic effects when consumed.

Psilocybin has been used safely in many cultures around the world for centuries, and when properly used, are considered one of the safest drugs to consume.

Are psilocybin mushrooms legal in Canada?

Not yet. Many activists are pushing towards decriminalization and legalization of psilocybin mushrooms in Canada, and are slowly making progress.

A group of licensed and accredited psychotherapists and medical professionals here in Canada are pushing for psilocybin mushrooms to be legalized in order to treat "end of life distress".

If successful, this will open up options for Canadians who are suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses nearing the end of their path to help ease some of the devastating mental trauma that they are going through.

Is ordering psilocybin mushrooms online in Canada safe?

Yes. Due to the Post Office Corporation Act, police can not interfere with your mail unless it is considered a national security risk.

Much like many marijuana dispensaries that are currently operating, Canadians have been able to order magic mushrooms online for years.

To date, there have been zero charges placed for ordering both marijuana or psilocybin mushrooms online in Canada.

What is the difference between a micro-dose and a recreational dose of magic mushrooms?

A micro-dose of magic mushrooms is a very small dose taken to achieve the mental health benefits of the mushrooms, but doesn't cause any hallucinations or interfere with your daily life.

A recreational dose is a much higher amount taken to purposely induce the hallucinogenic effects. When ingesting a recreational dose, it is important to be in a safe location, with people you trust.

What are the benefits of taking psilocybin mushrooms?

Psilocybin has been studied for its possible effects on mental health disorders such as anxiety, hard to treat depression, OCD and other obsessive traits, and many others.

Here's some other benefits to ingesting psilocybin:

  • Improves neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to grow, learn, and change.
  • Eases end of life distress
  • Helps treat addiction issues.
  • Can improve migraines and cluster headaches.
  • Reduce psychological distress.
  • Improve mood
  • Positively impact perception of surroundings

Last but not least? They're a lot of fun when done correctly.

Can magic mushrooms be detected on a drug test?

Standard drug tests do not test for psilocybin. What they are testing for is cannabinoids (THC), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP.

There are drug tests that test for psilocybin, but they would have to be specifically ordered. The tests are expensive and not included in the standard drug test.

What is a "bad trip"?

Setting is everything when it comes to taking magic mushrooms. Location, the people you're with, your state of mind at the time - these all impact the overall experience you're going to have.

A bad trip occurs when you ingest psilocybin, and experience negative, unwanted effects.

This can range from frightening auditory or visual hallucinations, as well as disturbing thoughts that can lead to fear or psychological distress that can seem very real at the time.

What is important to remember is that you willingly took the drug, and that it will pass in a few hours.

Never take shrooms if you're in a bad frame of mind, experiencing bad anxiety about them, or are in an unfamiliar location that you are uncomfortable in.

While these things tend to be the cause, sometimes a bad trip can happen no matter how much you set yourself up for success.

Having a "trip sitter", someone who you trust and who stays sober for the duration, can help keep you calm and safe.

What are the side effects of magic mushrooms?

Ingesting psilocybin mushrooms can bring on a wide range of side effects, good and bad. Check out this post for an in depth look on what to expect.

How do I take magic mushrooms?

There are many different ways to take magic mushrooms. Here are some of the most common forms that you'll find when ordering them online in Canada:

  • Tea bags
  • Chocolate bars
  • Capsules
  • Micro-dose liquid
  • Truffles
  • Gummies

These forms generally have a set amount of psilocybin in them that makes dosing pretty easy.

When you order dried mushrooms, whether whole or parts, you have a few different options of ingesting.

  • Grind them and soak them in lemon juice, then take as a "shot"
  • Grind them up and make a tea
  • Eat them raw
  • Combine into different foods, like pizza

Dried mushrooms are more potent than fresh, and keep in mind that the taste is very off-putting if you are just eating them raw.

Also, excessive heat can destroy the psilocybin compound, so if you're putting it in something like pizza, add it after the cooking process. For tea, use hot water but do not bring to a boil.

How do I dose psilocybin mushrooms?

People take psilocybin mushrooms for a number of different reasons. Here are some dosage amounts, depending on the effect you're looking for.

Micro-dose - 0.05 to 0.25g

  • Non-psychoactive
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased awareness and perception
  • Improved memory
  • Sensation enhancement
  • Brighter, more vivid color perception
  • Increased focus
  • Increased productivity
  • Amplified mood
  • Relaxation

Micro-dosing psilocybin shrooms a few times a week can have major benefits for your overall mental state of mind.

Mini-dose - 0.25 to 0.75g

All of the benefits of micro-dosing, plus:

  • Mild euphoria
  • Alleviation of persistent disorders (ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression)
  • Mild body high
  • Increased introspection
  • May or may not experience very mild visual effects
  • Increased energy
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Increased enjoyment of music and/or art
  • Spontaneity

Medium Dose - 0.75 to 1.5g

All of the above, more intense, plus:

  • Euphoria & excitement
  • Mild/moderate visuals 
  • Moderate body high
  • Altered perception of time and sound 
  • Increased humor
  • Slight dilation of pupils
  • Increased compassion/empathy

Moderate Dose - 2-3.5g

This is where things start to get pretty intense. You'll experience all of the above, but it may be considerably more intense.

  • Strong excitement/euphoria
  • Strong body high
  • Slowed sense of time
  • Strong sense of heightened emotion, positive or negative
  • Vastly increased perception of surroundings
  • Strong visual or auditory hallucinations
  • Frequent yawning
  • Increase in humor (ordinary things seem much funnier)
  • Wide dilation of pupils

Mega Dose - 5g or more

Not recommended for novices. This is a dose that only people who are very comfortable with taking magic mushrooms should consider, as there will be very strong emotions in play, some of which can be very hard to deal with if you're not prepared.

One of these is "ego death". Ego death can present itself in many ways, and is said to feel like a part of one's self is dying. Your thoughts, ideals, how you feel about yourself and your actions is all part of it.

It can be confusing, terrifying, and enlightening all at the same time. In some people it has caused complete mental breakdowns, so please use caution when attempting higher doses.

  • Ego death
  • Strong auditory and visual hallucinations, even when eyes are closed
  • Strong body high
  • Complete loss of time sense
  • Thought loops (repetive thoughts)
  • Synesthesia (seeing sounds, hearing colors)
  • Extreme pupil dilation
  • Yawning compulsively

You should always approach psychedelics with caution, especially when first starting out with them. You can always take more, you can't come back from taking too much.

Are magic mushrooms addictive?

Psilocybin isn't considered to be psychologically or physically addicting, and has been shown to help treat other causes of addiction, such as alcoholism and nicotine addiction.

Can I build up a tolerance to magic mushrooms?

Yes, you can. Repeated use, 3-4 days in a row, will result in a very heightened tolerance, to the point that even taking huge quantities will not result in any results whatsoever. It is not recommended to micro-dose more than three times a week, and mega doses should be spaced out by at least a week.

Have questions? Leave a comment below!


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