Cannabis And Terpenes

cannabis and terpenes

Cannabis has one of the most arguably recognizable scents in the world. Crack open a bag and the whole room can smell it. Light up and walk into a bar 20 minutes later and yeah, we know you've been smoking the reefer.

cannabis and terpenes

The science behind cannabis and terpenes is solid, and the aroma behind cannabis comes from the terpenes within it. To date there are over 100 different terpenes that have been identified in the cannabis plant.

Some promote relaxation and better sleep, while others tend to make you more focused, or alert.

Each different cannabis terpene has its own profile, and not all strains have every single terpene in it.

mangoes and terpenes

The market has been flooded with essential oils over the past few years. And terpenes are essentially that. 

They are a diverse class of organic compounds that a number of plants, and some insects, produce.

Terpenes are fragrant oils within the cannabis, and have a vast range of different scents and flavors to them.

Strong smelling plants have developed these terpenes over the time to ward off potential predators. Many things can influence the terpenes being produced, including the soil that the plant is grown in, the growth stage it is in, the weather, etc.

Terpenes have a number of different health benefits, and are an important thing to consider when you're looking at different types of cannabis, or CBD oils.

Depending on what effect you are looking for, you may want to choose cannabis strains with different terpenes. For instance, Myrcene is highly sedating, while Alpha-Pinene may make you feel more alert.

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